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Airpod lipsticks

Airpod lipsticks are a new and stylish lipstick box that u can easily carry as it is having a carrier with it . Attach it with your pants or bags and easily carry your lipsticks with you.

Caffaina lipsticks (6)

Caffaina original 6 lipsticks shade set. Mattefying and water proof lipsticks. High quality appearance and attractive colors

Huda lipstick box

Lipstick that is 100% brand new and of the highest quality. .Lipstick is a type of packaging. .Natural Flavor Base .Color scheme: multicoloured .Creme finish .12 Pieces are included in the box.


All in 1 Professional Blockbuster Makeup Set Brand new and high quality Best for Professional use Good Quality Original Product Pigmented Waterproof High coverage Smooth finishing